About Androgenetic Alopecia And Its Treatment


Androgenetic alopecia or AGA is a baldness disease commonly noticed these days. A hormone is a primal cause behind the loss of hair which develops from adolescence and moves ahead. The real reason behind the occurrence of AGA is dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a hormone which accelerates depilation. Testosterone converts to DHT due to an enzyme which results in extremely annoying symptoms. The rise in the DHT hormone functioning decreases the period of hair cycle reducing the growth rate. There are certain medicines at くすりエクスプレス which can counter the effects. AGA can also be a hereditary problem because not everyone produces the enzyme which converts testosterone to DHT.

Lifestyle and habits

DHT is a promoter of hair depilation, but the most significant influence is the lack of proper hair nourishment. Improper blood circulation means that the roots of the hair aren’t receiving adequate sustenance. The lifestyle of an individual and diseases inhibiting blood circulation contributes to AGA. The specialists of ベストケンコー, state that usage of tobacco constricts capillaries. AGA also happens from the dysfunction of autonomic nerves from overworking and insufficient sleep. Wrong hair care habits and disturbances in nutritional balances further amplify the AGA. One should always use particular hair care products when there is an occurrence of thin hair, dandruff, scalp eczema, etc.


The measures to take against AGA will put a stop to the advancements of the disease. Dermatologists of ベストケンコー will try to reduce excess DHT and fix blood circulation disorders. The physicians will administer two drugs, one is internal, and the other is external. The first drug will inhibit enzyme function which converts testosterone to DHT. The second drug will promote blood flow on the scalp and activate hair matrix. It is vital to go through the treatment guidelines of the nation before opting for it. Other measures include improvement of lifestyle habits like changes in diet, hair care, and scalp treatment products.

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