Cultivating weeds from seeds – Beginners Guide


If you have decided to cultivate marijuana for your personal use instead of buying it each time you like to enjoy your weeds, you have made the right choice. You are likely to have learnt the many benefits in growing cannabis from weed seeds. Undoubtedly, cultivating marijuana has countless benefits but at the same time we cannot deny the fact that it does not have any challenges. When you are getting started, these challenges would look pretty overwhelming. So if you are getting started you need to be prepared for those challenges. Do not expect the whole process to be a smooth sail at least at the start. Once you understand how the entire cultivation process works you will be able to save a considerable amount of money while also enjoying excellent quality marijuana without many hassles.

Here are few important factors that will help you as a beginner. First you need to be aware of the different cultivation methods. If you are not sure, there are two types of cultivation namely – indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation. With indoor cultivation you could cultivate your marijuana in a basement or in one of the rooms set aside for this purpose or you could even create a grow room where you can cultivate marijuana.

With outdoor cultivation the whole process is very simplified. You have nothing to worry, the nature will take care of everything. You just need to sow the seeds and provide the plants the basic care. In case of indoor cultivation whether it is cultivated in the grow rooms or in the basement, you need to provide the plants with optimal conditions such as light, ventilation, humidity and so on. All these will increase your overall cultivation expenses. Decide whether you are ready to incur such expenses before cultivation.

Upon deciding whether to cultivate your marijuana indoor or outdoor, you will need to check for the source for weed seeds USA has to offer you. If you talk to people who have been cultivating marijuana quite some time would tell you how important it is to cultivate marijuana from good quality seeds. So do not rush to order your seeds. This is the most crucial phases of marijuana cultivation so handle it correctly if you want to enjoy good yield.

There are different types of seeds such as indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, feminized seeds, non-feminized seeds, auto flowering seeds and so on. The best seed to choose is feminized auto-flowering seeds. This will increase your success rate and help you get the best yield within a short time. These seeds are also suitable for indoor cultivation as the plant size would be smaller when compared to the regular seeds.

Always germinate the seeds before sowing to increase the germination rate instead of directly sowing it in the growing medium. Take care good care of your plants and you will be able to enjoy good yield within just few week. Get started with sourcing of finest quality seeds.

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