Find and compare the best MPPT solar charge controller prices


Solar charge controllers are an essential part of every solar power unit. Though, most people don’t know the importance of solar charge controllers for elongating the battery life of your power unit. They protect the battery from overcharging and undercharging. Both of the phenomena are a blight on a battery as the distorting voltages can damage the internal circuits, cutting life. But, Solar Charge controllers manage the voltages of current going to the battery and correct it so that only safe current reaches the battery.

So if you want your batteries to last years, then you would need to get a solar charge controller for your solar power unit. There are many stores from where you can buy these, but Solar Advice is the best place. They have a large variety of solar charge controllers both PWM and MPPT. You can also compare the PWM and MPPT charge controller price at their website, finding the one that suits your budget.

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Solar Advice is the leading dealer of solar products in South Africa and has an affiliation with top manufacturers. They only sell genuine products from these manufacturers and what’s more, at affordable prices. So you can be sure that you get both quality and the right price. Also, compare the different MPPT charge controller prices and feature from their product catalog so that you get what is best for you.

Solar Advice is an online store that deals with solar power units and other solar products. You can find solar panels, geysers, batteries and solar charge controllers at their website. Moreover, all products being straight from top manufacturers ensure quality and service. If you have any problem regarding the products and services from solar advice, they will also find a solution to that. So get solar products from Solar Advice and be free of worry regarding price and quality.

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