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At present time, people want to online shopping from different ecommerce websites. On the internet, their various ecommerce sites that offer the online shopping feature for the customer. Many US retailers don’t provide international shipping of products. If you want to purchase any product from US retailer, then you need to take a help from PlanetExpress. The PlanetExpress is the best intermediate between US retailers or customers. The customer easily gets best quality products from US retailer online sites. Then, you need to create an account on PlanetExpress platform and get us address for shipping of product order.

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A feature of PlanetExpress:

  • Best shipping charges: They provide better product shipment at your doorsteps with affordable charges of shipping. They provide best free shipping charges product order.
  • Better Customer Support: They provide better customer support services at any time. The customer easily takes a help from PlanetExpress team at any time through the website or official number.
  • Provide package photo for the customer: If the PlanetExpress warehouse receives your product order, then they accept your request of sending photos of products. The click the photos of products and sent them to customers.
  • Secure and safe packing of products: They provide secure and safe packing of products. The team of PlanetExpress safe products from any issues.
  • Save 50% shipping charges with consolidation: If you order various products from a different retailer, then the warehouse collect your products and store for some days. After that, they consolidation of products into single pack and customer save 50% shipping charges.
  • No any hidden services charges: They offer better transparency of shipping charges through the postage calculator. They don’t hide any services charges from customers.
  • Customer friendly environment: The team members provide a better friendly environment for the customer. The customer easily accesses the online account and gets information about product order.


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