How can we use crowdfunding to combat a major drought?


Despite having the Indian economy ease it’s restrictions on globalizations, India still is primarily an agrarian economy, with nearly 70 % of the population dependent on it for mere livelihood.

While every government and political party has been battling the problems leading to farmer suicides, the numbers have been through the roof, with close to 3,02,116 deaths in the last two decades. It would seem that with the green revolution, government schemes, five year plans, things would be uphill for farmers, but the grave truth remains that our dams have no water flowing, water bodies are drying up, and the fields are left a little less cultivable every year. All of this spiraling into severe drought conditions, crop failure, family problems, loans that will never be repaid, and more deaths.

There is clearly no single solution to this, but it obviously calls for more responsibility by NGOs, corporates, and the general public. Solutions need to be more collective, proactive, and direct-action based. Monetary relief is only one of the many areas that will benefit from crowdfunding India.

  1. Monetary relief to farmers and their families who’re losing their livelihood due to drought conditions in Maharashtra and the rest of India
  2. Purchase water tankers for usage by citizens during drought conditions
  3. Raise money to build a canal for efficient rainwater harvesting
  4. Restoration and clean up of ponds and other water bodies
  5. Installation of water reservoirs in preparation for the monsoons
  6. Educating and teaching most effective and efficient methods for water conservation

Areas like Maharashtra, Vidarbha, and Marathwada have always struggled with droughts, and even years later, the condition doesn’t seem to have improved. Farmer suicides in remote areas like Vidarbha need to be seen as a reflection of India’s economy, and intervention from citizens like us is vital. Modern technology has paved way for crowdfunding India to provide viable financial solutions to these grave problems. If we can aid our struggling farmers in restoring the dried up land and making it cultivable, it will be a huge achievement for all of us. But with the summer temperatures soaring each day, steps must be taken as soon as possible.

If this cause is close to you heart, you can fuel your nonprofit initiative by starting a campaign on Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India platform, and raise money for all expenses associated with fulfilling your mission. Crowdfunding is a quick and easy solution for finances, awareness, and inclusion of all citizens in development initiatives.

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