Menstrual Time: Disadvantage Of Using Cloth Menstrual Pads


Every woman experiences this time every month and feels the womanhood nature gifted by the God. Education is the way to deal with this as nowadays people are shifting towards the clear picture of the use of pads rather than cloths. Actually, the symptoms of menstruation are annoying and unpleasant for some of the women. Men would never understand the pain and discomfort that a woman feels during this time. When we see the scenario of the rural areas then the conditions come in front in the form of lots of health issues.

Nowadays every school is providing the education related to the menstrual cycle and the use of pads and the advantage of it. Woman sometimes have the general problems like itching and rashes during that time for this they must consult the doctor and have proper medication. Canadian pharmacy is the online medicines store where they can go for such medicines then whether it is prescribed or non-prescribed and collect medicines at their doorsteps.

With the discomfort and pain, women keep on going like this every month. Never taking it too seriously, they go through forward by using the good quality pads but this when they are educated. The woman who is not educated regarding this are seen to suffer from lots of health issues as they use cloths instead of pads. The innovative start is the production of the pads as they make this menstrual time quite comfortable for women. They are made of smooth materials like cotton. And every one of us knows that cotton is very good for the skin so it is very comfortable for the use at that time. But the question arises is that women who use cloths are also of cotton, but there are many disadvantages of using it.

  • To wash these clothes one needs water and for water, there is a need for money, so ultimately the shortage of water and wastage of money.
  • Cloth menstrual pads can be very painful if you are a working person. For the hectic life is not a good choice. It is very time-consuming as it needs proper washing and cleaning to keep it tidy. By this one can easily have the vaginal infection and there is a huge risk of getting re-infection if you continue to go with it. Cloth pads are more expensive than the regular menstrual pads.

People using the chemical based pads are safer than those who use the cloths as these chemicals are for protection from the infection. There should be awareness in the rural areas to promote the health. Educating a single girl is very important in this as it can save the life of many women. Cloths menstrual pads can be reused and this is the biggest disadvantage of it as when it left properly cleaned then there are huge chances of having an infection. Infection means we are putting the life at risk and creating the cause of dire condition to happen in future.

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