Shopping Online Isn’t Always Easy



There are many websites that only sell the product and don’t provide delivery services making the shopping process quite difficult. Liking and buying something and finding out that the delivery of that product isn’t available to your address can be disappointing. So instead of feeling gloomy, find a suitable shipping service that can deliver your package to your doorstep. Planet Express is a service that makes it possible for a buyer to get the product delivered to you even when you are in another country.

A U.S. based service that avails shopping in the U.S. and shipping the product worldwide. You get your own U.S. address and get the package delivered to that address which is Planet Express’s warehouse. The warehouse sorts out the package according to their addresses and sends them with proper documentation to make sure that the package gets to the customer. The postage calculator is used to calculate the shipping charges. The shipping charges usually depend upon the weight and size of the product, and the postage calculator makes it precise to get the accurate amount for the package.

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The Consolidation service is also provided to reduce the rate of shipping. Consolidation simply means combining the small objects to form one big object. For example, if a customer buys 5 product and the shipping charge for every product separately is $100 then the total shipping amount will be $500 which is a large amount. But when you consolidate the packages together to form one single package, the package will be termed as one and only costs $150  for delivery. Thus, a saving of $350 is done just by merging those packages. Hence, consolidation smoothes the progress of package shipping.

Getting your online shopping materials is a lengthy process and usually takes 10-15 days or 15-30 days, so choose the service which is reliable and trustworthy.

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