Some interesting wedding photography poses that makes your wedding photos different


If you notice then you will find that most of the wedding albums are the same. They have the same traditional poses of the bride and groom while standing or sitting. Sometimes, bride and groom photo shoot too has the same poses which are either traditional or very common. In Toronto, the trend of wedding photography is changing. People are now getting more inclined towards making their wedding different. Hence, they want their photographers to suggest some different but interesting poses for the bride and groom. Here, some interesting wedding poses are discussed which are now must for wedding photography in Toronto:

Poses with the props

Undoubtedly, prop photography has now become a genre in the world of photography. People are more interested in getting themselves photographed with different types of props. They are using flyers and banners with some romantic or wedding related texts to make their photos interesting. Flowers are the other commonly used props which are used by the people for wedding photography.

Candid poses make your photos better

Natural photography poses are always better than any other type of poses. Thus, you should get some of your wedding photos in the candid poses which look more natural than other types of poses. This makes your wedding photos more interesting. Some photographers describe the candid poses to the bride and groom so that they can easily give the natural poses.

Twirling poses

Don’t forget to get clicked in this type of pose. This pose is basically for the bride or the couple. It is one of the prettiest poses that show the happier side of yours in your wedding photos. If bride and groom are doing this pose together, they have the option to hold each other’s hand or look at each other while twirling.

Bridesmaid/friends’ poses

Various types of bridesmaid poses are there which can make the bridal photography interesting while, the grooms can have the poses with their masculine gang. They can be clicked while hooting, getting ready, closing their eyes when couple is kissing.

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