The Tiny House Movement

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All across the world teeny tiny houses are popping up, and this isn’t because of lack of money like you may think either, people are now actually choosing to live in tiny homes, and loving life.

‘The tiny house movement’ is a social movement in which is making people choose to downsize the space that they live in, realising that they don’t really need so much space after all. Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes, and there is a wide variety for people to choose from. Smaller houses are advantageous for multiple reasons – but mainly because they are more efficient. A lot of people have even chosen to take advantage of portable buildings hire to create their dream tiny homes.

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The main reasons for people choosing to participate in this movement include environmental concerns, financial worries and the desire for more freedom and time to enjoy themselves. Many people are realising that they do not want to spend years paying off mortgages for large and expensive properties when they can fit all of their belongings in smaller and much more affordable homes. After all, do we work to live or live to work? That is a question you need to ask yourself, and anyone that doesn’t understand the new movement.

The tiny house movement has receive much attention from global companies such as CNN, Guardian, Huffington Post and more – with people not only wanting to learn more about tiny house living but to determine whether it could be possible for them.

After speaking with people that have already embraced to movement it is clear to see that it has already improved the lives of many. Many people whom once were tied into large mortgages for big houses are now owners of their own micro homes, free to live their lives and enjoy themselves without having to worry about, money all of the time.

It is not all about saving money either, people now living in micro homes with their families have said that they have become closer to one another since downsizing, and have realised to importance of families and quality time.

It is highly anticipated that this is trend that is going to continue to grow in popularity, one in which even more people are going to embrace.

What do you think? Would you consider living in a tiny home? Or even, do you live in a tiny home? Don’t be hesitant to leave your comments below, we would absolutely love to hear everyone’s thoughts regarding the movement and whether they think the trend is here to stay. I know I think that it is here to stay, or at least I hope so because I think it is amazing!

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