Various information regarding power inverters


The main question which arises at first is, ‘what is power inverter?’

A power inverter or inverter is basically a circuitry which is formed to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternative Current (AC). The output and input voltage and frequency depend upon the design or you can also say the circuitry of the inverter. There can be two types of inverters, one which is fully electronic and another which is made with a combination of electronic as well as mechanical effects. These inverters can also be used as transformers that convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternative Current (AC). The output power is always less than the input power.

Another frequently asked question regarding inverter is that whether they help in power saving. The inverter uses electricity, they rather use electricity to provide as a backup during electricity breakdowns. In this process, the inverter uses very less amount of electricity that is nearly around 4%-6%. If an inverter converts all the electricity it is said to be 100% efficient. Generally, the efficiency of these inverters is around 94%-96%.

There are certain types of inverters present in the market. They all are designed on the basis of different needs. Each one of them is designed to satisfy the maximum need of the customer. Some of these inverters include 12vdc power inverter, 24vdc power inverter, 48vdc power inverter, 120vac power inverter, and 3000W power inverter.

Apart from them, split phase inverters are very useful for the areas which are connected to two live wires, three phase inverters are used for high power applications, and hybrid inverters they are the new generation of the inverters using renewable energy.

There are a lot of companies online and offline as well who offers various types of DC to AC power inverters, you need to choose the best suitable inverter type according to your requirement to fulfill your needs.

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