Why Choose CSI Now Boston?


If you are considering a move from an international education program to an American campus, why not check into CSI Now Boston? ┬áThe institute’s newest facility, the Allston Learning Site, is only 15 yards from the Packard Corner Green Line Station and can be easily accessed by public transportation.

What Is CSI Now and What Do They Do?

CSI Now Is geared towards helping international students obtain the language and skills needed to succeed in a career within an American culture.

They will:

  • Work to help you improve your English
  • Improve your academic, professional skills and knowledge
  • Help you with your transfer from other schools, and when applying from overseas
  • Offer a work authorization with some of their programs
  • Provide you with a convenient class schedule and campus location

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Challenges International Students Face

Being in a new country and entering a new academic environment can be challenging. That’s why it’s so important to find a campus like CSI Now Boston who is familiar with the challenges of transitioning from an overseas campus to an American campus and know how to help each individual student deal with those challenges.

For example:

Written Assignments

For international students whose first language isn’t English, written assignments are especially challenging because they are something they have a hard time writing, but they also find it difficult because it is something they weren’t required to do at their previous school. That means they have to learn how to properly structure a written assignment, find and use the proper resources for that assignment, and how to correctly cite their sources. A traditional campus is generally not equipped to specifically help an international student work through these and other related issues.

Classroom Structure

Many international students are used to hands-off academic environments. However, most American schools employ collaborative, interactive experiences and encourage such participation from their students while in class and other school-related assignments.

Cultural Barriers

When entering an American campus, some students face major cultural differences. And sometimes those differences are felt when comments about their heritage, appearance, or some other issue, whether it’s intentional or unintentional, it hurts all the same. However, when attending a school such as CSI Now Boston, it serves as a buffer because they know how to handle such issues. In addition, since most of their students come from another country, in essence, everyone is in the same boat which lessens their chances of having to deal with one-sided cultural barriers.

What’s Next?

If you would like more information about transitioning from an international campus to CSI Now Boston, please contact us today. We promise to make you feel right at home.

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